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Default Re: Hey "InsideHoops"... man up or shut up.

Originally Posted by Knoe Itawl
Fact. Yesterday Jeff created a thread where he was fuming mad vowing to ban Kobe trolls and said that they were the absolute worse of all he's seen in his 13 years running the site. For some reason he deleted it not long after.

Go to any other NBA message board, and Kobetards are routinely the most hated, and also the most persistantly ignorant and delusional.

It's actually fascinating to wonder about what exactly it is about Kobe that has produced such a reviled group of fanatics. I honestly think it's the idea that they really believed he was going to surpass Jordan and bought all of the hype on him and have had some sort of mental break.
This is true. Kobe stans in general are the most obnoxious people on ISH. Probably have the worst IQ to boot
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