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Default Re: Theoo basketballs school

Originally Posted by gcvbcat
Hi Theoo,

I have been following the NBA as much as I can for the last 3-4 years. There are many things I don't understand & I see you are the only one here who has taken the initiative to explain the game to it's fans (others are constantly fighting about Lebron/Kobe/Jordan etc. etc.).

You are doing a noble job & your initiative will help attract many new fans from all over the world & help the game grow & become a truly global sport like soccer.

My first question to you is, why do teams take time outs close to the end of quaters or towards the end of the game. I feel it unneccesarily delays the game & it is specially frustating for fans like me as I am either up late at night or early morning who are waiting for the game to finish so I can catch up on some sleep.

I am sure there is some logic to this but as a new fan I do not get it yet.

Hope you can answer my question before Sunday so I can enjoy this weeks games with a better understanding.

On a related note, have you considered taking English lessons. Your classes would be much easier to follow if you used correct grammer & spelling.

Thank you for you time & looking forward to your response.

thnx dude sorry i so late to answer first question the take a timeouts so the can forward ball. in end game the timeout well make the ball go forward half court and start next other team hoop. also couch can make a plays to get a nice look to baskets.

and second question i well spend my off season to english training camp to improves.

have everyone to there homework today??
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