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Default Re: I didnt make my High School Basketball Team?

Originally Posted by blood yes
As I am writing this, tears are coming out of my eyes, and I'm about to CRY. I am in 12th grade, and I am 5'6-5'8, 110-115 pounds, asian point guard. I played jv as a junior last year, and got lots of minutes, and coach promised me I would be playing Varisty as a senior if i practiced. I practiced FOUR TO SEVEN hours a day, playing basketball. I sacrificed SCHOOL GRADES for this. I would be waking up at FOUR to play basketball. But at tryouts, guys who are just athletic and black make the team, when they give no effort, practice once a week, and cant remeber the plays.

Its not fair, is it cause im asian? I practiced a lot more than the other guys, and gave a lot of effort, I communicated, had a postive attitude, showed heart, leadership, helped people when they were stuck, I made good passes that WERNT flashy, i played TIGHT Defense on guys 3-4 inches taller than me (my school is really good at bball, we are top 10 in the state, and our average point guard height is 5'10).

Is it because I was too short? I seriously felt like choking coach when he didnt call my name. Should I ask him to give me another chance?

I completely understand your situation. I also was a 5'6 point guard in high school. I worked hard during the summer & early fall months on my game. Whenever or wherever there was a pick up game in my area, I made sure I was there - wearing my old Chuck All Star Converse and ankle weights. My freshman yr. in high school I made the varsity team and lettered that year. Freshmen yr. to my senior yr., I was the starting PG on the team. There were only two whites on the team and I was one of them. I had to fight hard to get there. Also, I studied and played against my opponents during the off season. Always stay a step ahead of your opponent. Asian, black or white, tall, fat, skinny or short? It doesn't matter. The conditioning of the body & mind and experience is the answer to your question. BTW, the JV basketball program is awesome! There's nothing wrong with JV basketball. It's a great achievement.. I knew a few classmates who couldn't make the JV basketball team.
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