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Default Re: Blazers Off Season

There just simply isn't a good option at center out there, so it may be worth overpaying for Splitter. We need a center and there is just no great option this year or next, so even a stop-gap center wouldn't really do. If we are serious about a center, he would need to be acquired by trade. The other option is to draft another center. It is supposed to be a strong draft for centers, so we could hope to have a Leonard + new rookie rotating while having an ultra cheap veteran center in case the rookie is a bust, plus they would need a mentor. That is the only reason I could see us go for Przybilla. As much as I love Joel, he is done. I'd only want him on the team to coach the bigs, and play in the biggest pinches. Either way, I think better options than Joel for a cheap veteran center would be Dalembert or Jermaine O'Neal (as much as I hate him). If we are looking for a young center, we could go for Cole Aldrich, but I'm not really a big fan.

I agree with what you said about defensive wings and keeping Maynor. I had heard the rumor of Tony Allen to the Blazers, but I'm afraid he would command too much money to have him on a non-competitor considering he is a similar style player to Matthews.

Edit: If we want to go for a big splash, we could try to take Milsap or Al Jefferson. Neither are going to be major rim protectors, but both are good players that are better than JJ Hickson.

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