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Default Re: Theoo basketballs school

Originally Posted by ukballer
Teach me about the 5 point play.

hello guys today lesson well be a doubles lesson

lesson a #4 and #5

a 5 points plays and dribbels a basketball

#4 a 5 points plays
many basketballs fan well say IS IMPOSSIBLE to maker a 5 points in a shots but these is true if your taker a 3pt shots and there a fouls and defender go crazed to maker a technical fouls there is a 3pt shots make and a foul free throw shots and a technical freethrow shots and your have A TOTAL 5 points in a shot i use math to calculate and if your to these shot 4 time your have 20 points

thats is 20 with 4 shot!!! why have no player make these hes signature shots ?? becuse these a very hard shots shot

#5 dribbels a basketball

first look to these picture

yes these may look impossible do but with a practise and a patient your can dribbels a basketball. these is very important becuse if your dont not dribbel your well have turnover

step 1take baskebtall to your hand
step 2 throw to it to ground
step 3 (most importent step) grab basketball when it bounce to floor
step 4 repeat these step until your have dribbel for 2 minute
step 5 take a break your have earn to it !!!


maney peoples think your can to a multitask to basketballs court and these is WRONG. if your ogne to go to basketballs court to do study and still to basketballs your well lose dribbels and to a turnover!! basketball need a 100% focus so dont not come to books to basketball courts
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