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Default Bulls medical staff is a joke but I expect Go Getter to say I'm not being a real fan

This medical staff is a f*cking joke! I wish this organization was actually run by people who know how to run an NBA team.

Look at this guys credits:

Chicago Bulls head athletic trainer Fred Tedeschi has won the 2012-13 Joe O’Toole NBA Athletic Trainer of the Year Award. The honor was revealed by the team’s website on Friday.

Fred Tedeschi is the trainer for a team that cleared former Bulls center Omer Asik to play in the 2011 NBA playoffs with a broken leg.

And there's this:

Tedeschi last won the award in 2007, two years before the Bulls sent out a letter regarding Luol Deng, telling the media that Deng should be undertaking something called “active rest” to work himself toward "expeditious return to play." The Bulls training staff then "encouraged [Deng] to challenge himself physically."

Luol Deng got a second opinion from another doctor, who revealed that Deng had a broken right leg. Something not enough “active rest” in the world can heal.

F*cking idiot. What a joke. Come on though, let's hear it Go Getter. I'm not being a real fan because I'm calling out their crappy medical staff?
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