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Originally Posted by Ne 1
The stars aligned perfectly for Jordan in that era. The NBA declined greatly after 1988. The NBA expanded way too fast and competition at the top suffered, It was the perfect opportunity for a "GOAT" level player to step up and scoop up the championships in the post Magic/Bird era. The East was nearly as bad as it was in the early 00s...seriously, you could beat barely above .500 teams in the East (as Jordan did in '91) on your way to a championship.

Mike had his own stage because Magic had HIV, Bird had a broke back, and the Pistons and Sixers were just old and depleted. All the greats and legendary teams were aged out by the time Mike was ready to contend. Not his fault. But lets tell it like it is. Big reason why Jordan is widely vied as the greatest ever. He was the greatest player in his era by FAR since all the other legends who would have challenged his throne were all retired or old, nobody to be measured against him.

People remember 90s as better than they actually were, I should know, I grew up remembering 90s as the golden though? I look back at the laughable perimeter talent and even worse competition at the top of the league (even the center talent declined greatly post-'95). Is it even a question that during the "second threepeat era" that Melo would be the best player in league from 96-'98 (in the absence of Jordan)?

Dude, just stop it. You're in your early f@cking 20s, yet you expect someone to believe that you remember anything about 90s basketball?

And no clown, you don't just "step in, and scoop up" championships, no matter what conference you're playing in. You compete for them, just like every team in the League does. The fact that Jordan won 6 against the "superior west" also doesn't do the point you're trying to make any favors either.........

or whoever the hell it was that you copied and pasted this tripe from............over and over and over again.............

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