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Default Re: "and Adrian Peterson had to deal with 8 man boxes all the time because of Ponder"

Originally Posted by Carbine

The top 4 has Ridley, Foster, Ballard....and top 10 has Gore, Morris, Steven Jackson, Ray Rice.

All of them play 1st, 2nd and 3rd downs, don't they?
some of those I am not to sure of like SJax and Ballard, but I don't think most of those are in on 3rd down unless 3rd and short...Rice is a think

ALL of them play on 3rd down sometimes obviously, but I think the ones that can't catch well like Gore and Ridley are taken out the majority of the least that is how it normally is, you want a guy that can catch out of the backfield (as well as block) in on 3rd down

Peterson was in on every play...Gerhart had 169 yards last year

Peterson might not have faced the most loaded boxes though on 2-3 wide, but he did probably face the most in total because the team went 1-wide a lot which naturally loads the box
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