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Default I have the best trade proposal. We become contenders.

The trade machine said this trade is doable.

Joe Johnson (31) for Kyle Lowry (27) and Andrea Bargnani (27).

Why would we do this? We get a two guard in Kyle that is quicker, more athletic, better defender, and most importantly, can move the ball and score without stalling the offense. We can take Bargnani off of the Raptors hands and starting him would do wonders for the Nets. He would stretch the floor drastically and get open jumpers all day.

Getting the Raptors to do this could be realistic also because they get rid of Bargnani and Kyle has expressed frustration with his roller coaster role.
Joe Johnson is a great personality, and a very, very good offensive player but the isolation basketball, disappearance in the playoffs (I know he was injured), and his age and contract make this an easy choice for the Nets.


Then our bench
Vince Carter

What do you guys think?
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