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Default Re: George Karl (?) Named Coach of the Year

This is so ****ing dumb.

How are people going to say he overachieved, when this ****ing team was predicted to be a top 2 seed prior to the season?

The GM is going to win Exec of the Year tomorrow, and he it was predicted that he would get that award even before the year (though Grunwald should've been and should win it).

Oh...he won 57 games with no all star (they were predicted for 60+).

They're super deep and talented team, and there's no excuse as to why they shouldn't be in the 2nd round at least. Yeah they lost Gallo, but that's the beauty of being deep...he's nothing but a non-star scorer really and a very inconsistent one.... and that's not why they lost.

I mean Karl had a lot to do with their success, but his schemes suck overall, but I can't buy this award if you say because he didn't have an all star...that's like hinting that he didn't have talent. He had what most people believed was the most talented team top to bottom in the league....Nugz fans claiming they had the sickest 1st 2nd and even 3rd units ever combined.

In fact, I don't even care that he got the award....whatever. I care that it should protect him from clearly deserving to be fired.
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