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Default Re: I didn't realize how racist Stephen A is until i saw his latest target

Originally Posted by Silence
From what I've noticed, Stephen A. Smith tends to suck up to stars and disrespect role players. He constantly praises established stars and stresses the interactions and relationships he has with them. On the other hand, he never seems to give credit to role players that can have a positive impact on their team. He scoffs at players like Jeremy Lin, Tiago Splitter, Ricky Rubio, and Pablo Prigioni.

Maybe. But he was definitely implying racism when he talked about Rasho. Smith is being foolish though to call out Prigioni. None of those other guys are hardcore in the least.

But Prigioni, that dude is serious hardcore. Smith probably thinks he's just some old guy with the wife and kids, and whatever. But Prigioni is hardcore as hell.

Smith better stop calling that guy out.
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