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Default Re: LosBulls' Thoughts on his team

Originally Posted by atljonesbro
Lol Bulls fans are in denial about Rose it's kind of sad tbh. All the "rah rah go Rose" crap they talking about they worship him like a god that does no wrong. He's been cleared to play for 3 MONTHS. Full contact practice for OVER A MONTH. He's said he's 100% READY TO COME BACK just not "mentally". I really don't think these homers can register that in their mind that the man they worship and pray to can do any wrong.

really sad. it's as useless as trying to explain astrophysics to a kindergartner trying to reason with these fans. They'd rush to his defense over anything.

I just don't get it. you root for the TEAM not the player. sometimes players' actions can be detrimental to the team, and that's when you start criticizing them.
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