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Default Re: I didn't realize how racist Stephen A is until i saw his latest target

Originally Posted by Foster5k

Steven A. Smith is not a racist. Like he stated long ago, any time you talk about race topics you can get labeled a racist.

He gets paid to be entertaining. Sports is entertainment. Obviously, he was exaggerating a little bit for the laughs, etc.

The fact you made a topic about Steven A. Smith proves he has done his job.

In entertainment, not everyone is going to like you. The majority rules rather good or bad. That's life.

But, like I said, he is far from a racist. Guy would be friends with any race.

I know racist. I have talked to racist people and had to deal with them on a regular basis. Trust me when I say Steven A. Smith is nowhere near a racist human being.

He's racist as ****. He used to talk about Nesterovic to a level that was so absurd, that if he is not racist, the only other possible explanation could be that Rasho ****ed his wife, mom, daughter, sister, etc. and made him watch it.

If not, then yeah, dude is racist as hell.
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