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Default Re: Honest Heat fan.

Originally Posted by FiveRings
Well he never said in this thread that he IS a Lakers fan, only confirmed that he WAS. I may have heard him say before that he's still a fan of both teams but I don't really remember.

I think he's a Lebron/ Heat fan who reserves the right to switch back to supporting the Lakers after Kobe and Lebron are gone from their respective teams, and when LA gets a new big star post Kobe's retirement. I could have that wrong though, and maybe he's gotten attached to the Heat franchise enough over the years to be a life long fan of the Heat and only the Heat.

At least he started supporting the team years before the fans who jumped on the wagon after the decision. The big three seemed to be at least four or more championships guaranteed, while at the time he became a fan, Wade had yet to show how good he was really going to be and Shaq was getting older, so him and Shaq wasn't exactly guaranteed championships.

He is NOT a Lakers fan. He disses Kobe every opportunity he gets and d!ckrides Lebron and the Heat mercilessly. The guy lost him mind and started making threads about Kobe when he blocked Lebron in an allstar game. No real fan would do that.
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