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Default Re: Does Serge Ibaka have any post moves at all?

Ibaka has had a bad series, but no one on that team sucks more than Perkins.

$10 million. Dude gets $10 million to do what a bench player making the veteran's minimum could do.

$10 Million. There are back-up centers in the leage that have more positive impact on a game than Perkins. Nazr Muhammed had defining plays in that Nets series that swayed the win in the Bulls favor. Perkins has had defining plays, year after year, that ultimately waste possessions for the Thunder in the post-season.

The worst part is, guy tries extra hard to show he can make fancy plays, like a no look past, and then he passes the ball right to a player on the opposing team which leads to quick 2 points on the fastbreak.

Dude is just...idiotically bad. $10 million Sam Presti. $10 million
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