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Default Re: Nate Robinson has arrived

Originally Posted by Foster5k
Besides Lebron, Nate Robinson is the the biggest freak of nature in the NBA pound for pound. To do what he is doing, in the NBA, at his height, on this level, is amazing. It shows how a freak of nature can compete against normal men, even if there is some kind of hieght or other disadvantage.

Maybe inch for inch, but not pound for pound. He's short, but he weighs more than CP3, and only a few pounds less than the other top PGs in the league.

Chris Paul - 175
Nate Robinson - 180
Tony Parker - 185
Stephen Curry - 185
Rajon Rondo - 186
Russell Westbrook - 187
Derrick Rose - 190

He does have freak of nature jumping ability, no doubt.
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