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Default Re: Why do they call the five second back-to-basket rule the "Charles Barkley Rule"?

Originally Posted by ProfessorMurder
Defensive 3 seconds and the restricted area are worse, but the Mark Jackson rule is #3 on my dumb rule list.

Defensive 3 just pisses me off beyond belief. You're objective is to keep the person on the other team from scoring, but you can't protect the basket for more than 3 seconds at a time without someone around you.

Just another rule created to make the game more difficult for bigmen, and easier for perimeter players.

Adding all of these arbitrary rules has also had a negative effect on officiating. Refs now have to count every time on a post up, count every time someone enters the paint, and watch for handchecks when they should be watching these players feet and calling them for all the ridiculous traveling violations.

I wouldn't be shocked if the NBA just eventually made it legal to take 3 steps. Anything to create more exciting dunks, am i rite?
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