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Default Re: Durant is taking over like a superstar should.

I would argue that Durant, on the basis of his first two games, has performed just as well as LeBron in the Orlando series (if not better). Now, that could change, and I expect it to change when they play in Memphis (unlikely that Durant averages 35-13-7 for the rest), but what he has done is absolutely spectacular, last 3 minutes of game 2 included.

When people bring up the relative supporting casts, you have to consider the length of time that Durant has had to adjust for Westbrook's absence. This is a team that has been thrown in this situation with their second best player gone and their fluidity disrupted. The '09 Cavs played the same way for years. They were defensively solid, which OKC are not. Yes, Ibaka is better than anyone on the Cavs team other than LeBron, but he has been shit this series and the rest of the team hasn't been great. Martin was solid in game one, but he has been wildly inconsistent since Westbrook went down. Perkins is just... well, you know.

Both coaches are absolutely awful. Brooks and Brown both implement no offensive sets and have relied on 'give the ball to Durant and hope he makes the right play'. Brown is a better defensive coach though.

On the whole, take nothing away from Durant. Yes, he didn't finish off game 2, but he dropped 36-11-9 for god sake. This is the best defensive team in the league he's playing and he is absolutely carrying this team. Durant is a special, special player. He truly is.
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