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Default Re: Why do they call the five second back-to-basket rule the "Charles Barkley Rule"?

Originally Posted by bdreason
It's the most retarded rule ever created in the NBA to date. If you don't want a guy to post up for more than 5 seconds, then stop him from posting up. Why isn't there a rule for guys who stand at the top of they key dribbling for 15 seconds? How is that any more "exciting" than a player doing the same thing on the post? The fact that an arbitrary rule would even be created with the subjective argument of it's "boring" is ridiuclous.

The truth is, it's just another way for the NBA to emphasize perimeter play, in Stern's never ending attempt to create the next Michael Jordan.

Defensive 3 seconds and the restricted area are worse, but the Mark Jackson rule is #3 on my dumb rule list.

Defensive 3 just pisses me off beyond belief. You're objective is to keep the person on the other team from scoring, but you can't protect the basket for more than 3 seconds at a time without someone around you.
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