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Default Re: Does Serge Ibaka have any post moves at all?

For those who are laughing at the suggestion that Serge play against/train with Dream

go back and look at how RAW Olajuwon was when he played at the Univ. of Houston

He credits the open runs that he played against Pro players for kicking his ass and forcing him to develop his game....Moses Malone personally beat his ass and forced him to adapt. When you look at his see that Dream's game isn't patterned after him..except for the relentlessness

Serge has some of Dream's physical skills and I'm assuming that he has the same lateral quickness that most guys who grow up playing soccer do.

He won't become Olajuwon but it makes more sense for person with his body/skills to train with him rather than some of the names that have.

And remember Serge was in the dunk contest the year it was a sideshow..and he's more athletic than you think...Otis Thorpe? hahahahah F that bootleg denzel washington dude
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