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Default Re: Durant is taking over like a superstar should.

Originally Posted by Ne 1
Yes, but sometimes jack of all trades master of none "unselfish" types don't always get the job done. Guys like Jordan, Kobe, Bird, Wade ... they did everything well, have great all around games. But they could still go flip a switch and be the absolute best player on the floor at a certain aspect of the game IE scoring.

Lines like this let me know right off the bat that Lebron haters:

A: Never watch Lebron play
B: Never watched the players that they compare to Lebron play
C: Completely missed Miami's playoff run last year as a way of "protest"

The only players that you listed who had the"switch" on any consistent level were Bird and MJ. Wade has has history of not being healthy enough to stay consistent, and Kobe was never consistent enough on offense during his playoff runs (let alone regular seasons), except maybe one or two, even with scoring being his "Main Trade", to be given the "score at will" rep.

TLDR version:

Both you and Rip are, and have always been, full of sh!t.
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