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Default Re: Durant is taking over like a superstar should.

Originally Posted by KG215
I wasn't trying to argue how "great" or even "good" the supporting cast was. You said it was some sort of "inrefutable" evidence because the same team was the worst in the league last year. When, in fact, it wasn't close to the same team and they were injured and shuffling lineups the entire season.

You know, you haven't been around long, but you've quickly worked your way into the upper echelon of worst/most annoying LeBron stans. At this rate, you'll be giving pauk a serious run for his money within the next few months.

That means a lot to me, thank you

(FYI i quickly learned that there is no use in being a rationale poster on this forum because it's basically 99% troll threads. So I took on the
can't beat em, join em approach)
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