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Default Re: 2013 Second Round Thread: Bulls vs. Heat Game 2

Originally Posted by Kingwillball
OK Lebron had 2 points in first half(wont happen again) Bosh, Wade, Lebron combined for 12 points first half their lowest total as a trio since they came together(wont happen again) HEat scored 37 points in first half(wont happen again)Miami has not had a Close call gm in awhile and Bulls took advantage of it the other night. That is my only concern with HEat if a team Keeps gm within a possession or two late how will they execute to either put gm away or more importantly come up with Game winning play. I mean seriously they have played in maybe 2 close games since all star break.

Anybody can play that game....

Carlos Boozer will score more than 6 points tonight

Miami will have more than 8 turnovers tonight

Belinelli will score more than 10 points tonight

It goes on & on...
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