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Default Re: 2013 Second Round Thread: Bulls vs. Heat Game 2

Originally Posted by AintNoSunshine
Will be another hard fought battle, I just hope the heat get their sh!t together. It's 50-50 to me.

50-50 is a very low scoring game you think. think we will be closer to 98-95 or something

Originally Posted by willds09
bulls will win by 5 or more.

That's the SPIRITT:

Originally Posted by AirMike
Looking forward to watch great defence by both teams again.

miami defense is overrated
spoelstra is a bad head coach. poppovich is better

Originally Posted by willds09
try to be like tha knicks huh?

Soft and fat?

Originally Posted by Lebron23
Miami by 10. Lebron, Bosh, and Wade will bring their A-Game againts the Bad boys Pistonesque Bulls.

shut up

Originally Posted by Zodiac
Basically, this is one of those Lebron takeover games for the Heat.

They'll steamroll tonight carry monetum into game three and then probably either win close or lose in game four and finish out the series in 5-6 games

what have you been smoking. "monetum"

Originally Posted by ReturnofJPR
All momentum for the cHEAT will be lost, or amplified if they lose yet again, once Derrick Rose steps onto that court for Game 3.

not expecting derrick rose to play. and if he would play he would disrupt the bulls not the heat

Originally Posted by Droid101
Chicago fans going in hard.

Joakim Noah

Originally Posted by lebeast666
Dude, you sounding too cocky and might embarrass yourself. Its possible the Heat can come out looking the same as game 1 because Bulls defense is that good. I actually wouldn't be surprised if Bulls win the series. They have the strengths to Miami's weaknesses and they compete.

bulls gonna win it. heat have dumbass coach spoelstra. hope they fire him. i wont support heat again until the fire him.

Originally Posted by LikeABosh
If Heat make their outside shots, shoot well from the line, they'll take this game. Bulls took advantage of a poor shooting night for Miami and stole game 1.

man you guys are dumber than dumbass
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