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Default Re: 2013 Second Round Thread: Bulls vs. Heat Game 2

Originally Posted by Dengness9
Game 2 in MIA tonight 7 pm EST/6pm CST.

Bulls stunned the Heat in game 1 to steal HCA.

Expecting Miami's most spirited effort of the season tonight. The Bulls will still be with out Kirk and Deng most likely.

Might be a near impossible game for the Bulls to win.

I don't think heat will win more games while Erik Spoelstra is there head coach.

Originally Posted by Trollsmasher
Heat by 26

Bulls by 4.

Originally Posted by Clutch
Bulls are sweeping the series. This is Miami's best shot at winning at least one game.

No I don't think they will sweep. I hope more fans stop supporting miami like me if they lose more games. shouldnt take those fans for granted.

Originally Posted by Chicago Brawls

Originally Posted by BBallZen83
WHOAAAAA NELLY! Put the gun back in the holster there. Let's just see what happens tonight before we go making bold predictions. I'm sure you didn't think Knicks would get swept by Pacers after game 1 now did you.


Originally Posted by shady6121
Will probably be another close game, but this time the Heat should end up with the win.

as i said prevoisly thibodeau has outcoached erik spoelstra this series. heat need to make thibodeau their head coach and fire spoelstra

Originally Posted by nathanjizzle

Nate the Grate

Originally Posted by leMVP
Heat by 11, Lebron will play near His MVP level, Wade will be scrub again.

how often do i have to repeat myself?

Originally Posted by CarlosBoozer
Let's go bulls!

yeah think you will win

Originally Posted by poido123
Sorry, am I missing something in that photo?


Originally Posted by ReturnofJPR
Game 1 against the cHEAT was a walk on the beach! No sunscreen required, no burn, didn't even get wet! Just a perfect day all around, nice & sunny. Not a cloud in the sky...

Chicago's trip to Miami has already been a success!

And then as the sun was setting, we were grilling on Miami's beach and eating their food while chasing their women...after that we made a bonfire, listened to some music, and drank the HEAT's beer.

haha nice storye bro

Originally Posted by CarlosBoozer
Pay up

Pay up coleman

Originally Posted by ReturnofJPR
Hey, I have season tickets. I pay your salary, chill!

respect to real fans like us not bandwagoners

Originally Posted by Kingwillball
Easy win tonight by Heat. By 2nd half I expect them to be in full control even if lead is in 8-12 range. If Miami blows game open i expect Bulls to concede gm being they got so many guys playing major minutes.

you dumb motherfokker shut up

Originally Posted by chairman
Bulls will show everyone how big of a fraud team the Miami Heat are after the Bulls take the series

derrick rose wont play.
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