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Default Re: Memphis Grizzlies this year's 2004 Detroit Pistons

Who's their Chauncey Billups?

Forget this grit n' grind garbage. The 2004 Pistons were tough as hell. This team doesn't know what that is, with Marc Gasol doing the head jerk every time he runs into a body while driving in, Tony Allen and Conley diving on every bit of contact, so on so forth.

Zach Randolph is tough. I don't like him just because of his past and his rivalry but he's a tough player and I respect him. If only the others on his team were that kind of tough instead of cheap hooks, offensive fouls, diving and falling on the floor pretending they were tripped, complaining about calls while they're shooting, etc.

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way saying the Clippers are angels comparatively, honestly me being a Clipper fan I can fully admit that the reason these Clippers this year couldn't focus and got destroyed in the playoffs was because they would complain about calls instead of playing defense. And they would run back on offense and jump into players expecting fouls, complaining "you called that on the other end, wtf ref?!?!". That being said, I still don't think that Memphis is that same type of "do what we want, advance through all rounds and fck all the teams on our way" attitude those Pistons had.
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