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Default Re: Durant is taking over like a superstar should.

Originally Posted by ripthekik
and not hiding behind a stacked team.

This is the type of performance we want to see from the league's greatest stars.

I don't usually read your posts but I've read through this thread and cuz you're obsessed with Lebron let me tell you this....

Lebron was doing all this what Durant is doing right now, and much more in Cleveland with even weaker teams than OKC is right now without Westbrook. And you know what you and your kind of breed were saying? It's just ''empty stats'', ''Lebron ball'' etc,....

First one that comes to mind is that Magic series where he put up like 38-8-8, but his team lost the series and it was called ''empty stat padding''. Now, when Durant puts up crazy stats but his team loses we sing different song than we did with Lebron eh? We should respect this ''empty stats padding'' now with Durant right ripthekik? Even if his team lost?

I don't really think about Durant what I wrote above(of course we should respect him and he should get praise for the way he has been playing lately), I just want to show the double standards and hypocrisy by the retards like ripthekik when it comes to Lebron.
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