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Default Re: LosBulls' Thoughts on his team

Originally Posted by Kellogs4toniee
The last three years have been some of the most enjoyable I have had as a life-long Bulls fan. Much of that IS and ALWAYS WILL BE directly correlated to Derrick Rose. He isn't just our franchise player. He IS CHICAGO. To have someone so humble, soft-spoken, yet so hard-working.. something that EPITOMIZES the people of Chicago, play for us. Someone so different for the typical ego-tistical super star that originated from the south side? You can't make this shiat up. He was destined to be a Bull. To go through all those years of turmoil and then to have this native-born carry us to the playoffs each year since he's joined us. To have him develop, bond with his team-mates, converse and learn from Thibodeau, CARRY US to first seeds the last two years... AND YOUR GOING TO COMPLETELY SHIAT ON HIM LIKE YOU JUST DID? To not care that he gets traded? To not think he deserves that MVP? You do realize you just agreed with NumberSix that Rose isn't a significant player? As a Bulls fan, do you REALIZE THE CRAP COMING OUT OF YOUR MOUTH?
You're giving Rose too much credit. Especially that part that just got bolded. Last year Rose was out pretty much the whole year and when he played hurt he tried to dominate the ball and did us more bad than good.

Obviously if Rose comes back 25/4/7 form chicago will love him. But you're not a fan if you watched Hinrich being out for game 7 and Deron who is a huge pg had his way with Nate early on in the series and go "why didn't Rose suit up"? You know Rose is a big physical pg who can D. Just a straight answer would be nice. "I physically can't do it it'll jeopardize my career". That's fine rest and get a training camp in. Not this "IDK dawg it's up in the air... I'm waiting for my 99.7% muscle memory to get back to 100%" shit. A straight answer about whether you can PHYSICALLY play or not. I'm getting all this about Rose being medically cleared to play since Feb, then this new doctor says he might not be 100%... but D-Rose just gives these weak-ass beat around the bush answers. Are you physically okay or no?
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