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Default Re: LosBulls' Thoughts on his team

Originally Posted by LosBulls
Derrick Rose is NOT Chicago. He is a coward. And I do remember those years you mentioned above and to be honest, I enjoyed those years. I used to play with Kirk Hienrich in NBA Street V3 on the original xbox and be a beast. I remember people used to call Ben Gordon Air Gordon, I remember that epic series we had against Boston in Derrick Rose's Rookie season where true heart was shown and I was happy to be a Bulls fan even though we got bounced in the first round.

I still am happy and proud to be a Bulls fan, I love my team, I'm a fan of Joakim,Nate,Butler,Boozer,Deng,Taj, all these guys are perfect yet the guy that i'm supposed to like the most and the one who supposed to be the leader is acting like a coward.

And thats what pisses me off. I was infuriated when Joakim pulled out that win for us on one leg, and then a few games later Nate puking at half time infuriated even more, and then yesterday Nate getting stitches and still coming back and putting in work infuriated me EVEN MORE.

And you look back at my previous posts, I've always been optimistic about Rose saying "He'll come back in the last game of the season".. then that comes and hes not playing.

"He'll come back 1st game of round 1" Nope.
"He'll come back now for sure since Kirk is injured" Nope.
"He'll come back now, Deng is out with the FLU and Nate is puking all over the place" Nope.
"He'll come back for game 7, I know he won't let us down" Nope.
"He'll come back against the Heat, we really need him" Nope.

I can't begin to explain how much I love my team "The Bulls" for pulling out these wins no matter what to cover up for Derrick Rose's cowardliness, but eventually there will be a time when we will need Rose and he'll be sitting on the bench saying some bullshyt like "Only god knows".

So f*ck Rose.

Don't question me as a fan of the Bulls, but i'm not a fan of Rose.

That's exactly what I'm doing, I want to make that perfectly clear. Derrick Rose is not Chicago? Four years of working his ass off, carrying the team, all the charity work he does for the community, etc. thrown out because you don't like his decision that ultimately comes down to protecting his career in a league where too many stars to count have lost multiple years if not entire careers for coming back when not 100% ready physically and emotionally?

It's one thing to be dissapointed in him and annoyed, like I am. But to completely negate everything he's done so far and ignore the fact that he epitomizes the city?

GTFO you poser. I'm saving this thread for next year when he comes back to MVP form and you go back jocking his strap or pretending like u never went sour.
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