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Default Re: Clippers out of playoffs -- what happens in the offseason?

Originally Posted by toooo
What happened to qrich's post? I think it was his...

I deleted it because I didn't like that plan at all. Here's another one:

DeAndre + #25 + 2014 2nd for Kevin Garnett
-No brainer. Get an actual defensive center, who is also on an expiring contract.

Bledsoe + Butler + Hill (Salary purposes) for Danny Granger + Gerald Green + #23
-Take on Green's contract, but its only 2 years/7 million left for an athletic wing. A gamble on Granger returning to form as well, but would be a huge expiring contract. Use #23 on Gorgui Deng/Lucas Noregeria to be the C of the future

Sign Shaun Livingston
-Backup to Chris Paul. Did pretty well with the Cavaliers this past season.

Keep Matt Barnes, Pick Up option on Willie
-Two guys who accepted their roles and will continue to do so without an issue.

Sign Elton Brand
-Many might not like this, but I believe EB would be a solid 20-25 minute backup at the 4/5 and can spot time with Blake as well.

Sign Zaza Pachulia/Nazr Muhammed/Samuel Dalembert/Aaron Gray
-Instead of going for an athletic backup C, go with more of a vet backup to help tutor Lucas/Deng. If they go for an athletic big, someone like Hassan Whiteside or keeping Hollins would work. Maybe even Earl Barron.

Sign James Singleton
-He's a guy I've wanted the Clips to bring back for a while now. His last NBA action (last year), he averaged 8/7 in 22 minutes and is another hard nosed guy who won't complain about playing time.

PG: Chris Paul - Shaun Livingston
SG: Willie Green - Jamal Crawford - Gerald Green
SF: Danny Granger - Matt Barnes - James Singleton
PF: Blake Griffin - Elton Brand
CE: Kevin Garnett - Zaza? - Lucas/Deng

Maybe add a third point guard, but don't think it would be necessary. Think the starting unit is much better rounded out and actually have bangers up front. Don't mortgage the future either as Granger is younger than Pierce by five years and I'm high on Lucas, while most seem to be high on Deng.
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