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Default Re: LosBulls' Thoughts on his team

Originally Posted by LosBulls
Not that i believe many if any people will care but I just want to put this out there since i've been one of the more quiet Bulls fans on this situation.

I used to be a huge Derrick Rose fan, I thought he was one of the guys with the most heart and dedication, I thought he would lead us to a Championship, and now I just don't.

Not a knock on him, there is still a chance he comes back better than ever, but I lost respect for that man. When you have a whole city on your back that wants to see you play basketball you take that opportunity, there are people who would kill to be in that position to be the face of a whole city, and now its bigger than that... A whole nation is rooting for your team to beat the Heat and you aren't man enough to suit up and go out there and give at least 15 minutes?

You aren't man enough to say "F*ck what my brother says, F*ck what Adidas says, I'm going out there because if it were Nate Robinson or Joakim Noah in my position with my talent they would've been back months ago"

I wouldn't care if Derrick Rose gets traded to be honest. Even though there is a very low chance of it, but it would be nice to get rid of him for letting us down.

People used to call Joakim Noah a bust before Rose got here and now Joakim is probably the best center in the NBA and has replaced Rose as the face of the franchise.

Shit, Nate Robinson was a Midget journeyman most known for winning boring ass dunk contests before Rose got injured, and now even he is taking Rose's shine.

Yet Rose won't do shit about it.

Thibs should put his ass at the SG spot next year and let Nate handle PG, because Rose doesn't deserve to run this team.

Why does god give talent to bums with no heart like Derrick Rose?

Rose doesn't deserve that MVP award. Rose will never win a Championship as the MAN because he doesn't have it in him, and his college career where he played in Memphis and choked away a championship proves it.

Get the fk off my team Derrick Rose. And I hope you somehow see this, so you can let it sink in that you had all the potential in the world yet you put the team that was once lead by Michael Jordan to shame.

Jordan would of hit those free throws. Jordan would of came back and won us a Championship this year.

And practically have more talent than Jordan did, yet you lack something Jordan didn't, and thats heart.

Somebody on their period, this should help:

You're too emotional to be a grown ass man..

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