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Default Re: LosBulls' Thoughts on his team

Originally Posted by jrong
I have a question for Bulls fans who are from Chicago. What's it like there the day after-- sports radio/TV and just on the street in general?

I can't imagine what the atmosphere at the U.C. is going to be like. It's one of the toughest buildings to play in as an opponent under ordinary circumstances, let alone when it's the Heat, in the playoffs, and the Bulls are guaranteed to enter Game 3 having stolen HCA, no matter what happens in Game 2.

I don't see the Heat returning to Miami in any better position than a 2-2 tie. I fear that it may be... worse than that.

I haven't been to the United Center since 2008, so I can't say how it is right now. But I'm sure it's like every big city. You can't walk more than one building to the next on busy streets without entering into a convo with someone about the latest game, etc. I live near L.A now though and have been to plenty of SCenter games. One thing I can say is it seems as though more people enter games late and leave early in SC than UC. That's just my opinion, and might be due to the reflective nature of how busy and work-a-holic L.A is compared to Chicago.
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