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Default Re: This guy was completely spent after that Manu 3

Serious? Both those women are 150+ and about.. 5-7 maybe? That's not normal.

The guys are alright I guess. Looks like they have some muscle on, although the guy getting a handy has a beer gut.

The 25 Fittest Cities:
1. Portland
2. San Francisco
3. Albuquerque
4. Oakland
5. Boston
6. Seattle
7. Denver
8. San Diego
9. Minneapolis
10. Honolulu
11. Tucson
12. Austin
13. Colorado Springs
14. San Jose
15. Omaha
16. Washington
17. Milwaukee
18. Virginia Beach
19. Sacramento
20. Jacksonville
21. New york
22. Wichita
23. Oklahoma City
24. Nashville
25. San Antonio

25th in the US + a couple other Texas cities.

Same site...
Bottoms Up: The heaviest drinkers live in San Antonio 8.2% have at least two drinks per day.
Not that drinking necessarily correlates to obesity. Although it doesn't help.
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