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Default Re: LosBulls' Thoughts on his team

Originally Posted by insomniac
Yup. It's sad the way so many have turned on him. Nate Robinson has a few good games and a few fans want him rather than Derrick Rose? Idiotic.
Robinson has heart, Rose doesn't.

If it weren't for Robinson we wouldn't be in the position we are in right now, or we would we?

Don't be stupid and think before you post, Nate Robinson has STEPPED UP when Derrick Rose hasn't. And if the Bulls beat the Heat with NATE ROBINSON that will back up my opinion that I prefer him over Rose any day.

I'm a real fan on my team and if Rose were to up and leave the Organization while all these other "fans" would feel cheated I would be fine with it and happy with Nate & Captain Kirk.

Just like if would if I were a Cleaveland fan and LeBron left us.
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