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Default Re: LosBulls' Thoughts on his team

Originally Posted by Kaspah
Fck you

You've officially been made an outcast. Bulls don't want you. You can't diss our franchise player. You can't say you'd trade him. You'll be eating those words when dude comes back.

Fck off. Real bulls fans ain't fretting. We're watching the rest of the bulls hold down the fort while captain d rose fixes himself.

You cannot be a legitimate bulls fan with that OP. you're done. Give me your badge and gun.
Okay and who appoint your weak self as Bulls Fan Management? You don't represent shit you a "A fat ass embarrassing nukka that don't represent anyone but your fat ass self", trying to act like you somebody deciding whos a fan and who isn't, you little bytch.

I'm a fan of the Bulls but i'm not a fan of cowards like Derrick Rose. Where the FK were you when our frontcourt consisted of fking Tyrus Thomas and washed up Ben Wallace and the leader of our team and STILL IS, was Kirk Hinirch?

Where was you bytch ass *****? Probably watching Blues Clues on Cartoon Network sipping on your sipping cup and munching on your lunchables, biytch.

So f*ck you, and your disgusting ass mother for giving life to such a useless piece of shyt that contributes nothing to the world.

You one of the ****** that Derrick Rose represents, and gives Chicago a bad name, Soft ass cowards like you and Derrick Rose.

Don't you ever respond to one of my posts again you pussi fk boi.

And replace that Bulls avatar for a Derrick Rose one, coward. I bet if he left our team like LeBron did you would follow his ass to wherever he goes.

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