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Default Re: Bulls and Rose better deliver next season.

Originally Posted by SnakePlissken
Show me one link where Derrick Rose or John Paxson or the Bulls organization said that Derrick Rose is 100% NOT playing this season?

They haven't. They didn't say it. They left the door open for a return. That's my point. They never once said that there was absolutely no chance that Rose wouldn't return. And they're STILL not saying that there's no chance that Rose won't come back.

Round and round we go.

Hey, I predicted it, right? LOL

Along with Rose saying himself that he wasn't playing until he was 110%

100%? Now in addition to can and will, you also don't understand what absolutes are. Nobody made an absolute. I suggest you learn what an absolute means, also, learn the difference between can and will. Of course, much like my last prediction, I predict you'll also fail to do this as well. But if by some slim chance you do enlighten yourself by sitting in a cozy spot, cuddling with a dictionary, maybe then you will understand what and why an official statement is impossible, because the situation is impossible to predict. However, Rose said he wasn't playing until he was 110%, Thibs said he wasn't playing in the regular season(99.999%, because anyone with an IQ of 25 or higher understands the rule of absolutes) and Gar Foreman said repeatedly that the decision is up to Derrick Rose. If you're an active Bulls fan, you would already know that John Paxson no longer makes pressers on player personnel, unless its under his scope(coaches, drafts, and signings.)

But hey, we can demand official statements, for an event where official statements do not exist(I'll give you a break, because you're likely a pre-teen without a lot of knowledge on how business works, and do not understand the complexities of things that are formal and informal). Why not? Just show those front office folks how its done. So keep holding your breath.
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