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Default Re: Truth: LeBron James is already the greatest SF in NBA history

Originally Posted by Bandito
That is subjective too. It is source-less but that is because is impossible to prove unless someone rats him out or he confesses. I am going from what I saw. After that year I stopped being a fan of his and 11 just destroyed any semblance of respect I had for him as a player.

But you are a stan!?

It is subjective, of course it is, but so is any opinion people put forward technically. That cavs team was not good enough to beat the celtics unless something tremendously unlikely occurred.

And no, I am not a lebron stan. I have kobe above lebron in the GOAT race (and rightly so). And I don't make excuses for the choke in 2011, because it was exactly that, a choke. I like lebron as a player, but I mainly try to counter the vast kobestan brigade with some logic (which probably gives the general impression that I'm a lebron stan).
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