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Default Re: Truth: LeBron James is already the greatest SF in NBA history

Originally Posted by blood yes
Please stop trying to pretend you're unbiased.

Just admit you hate LeBron and move on, you'll feel a lot better


I've defended Lebron for years on here.


Yep. I hate Lebron. Been saying for years that he'd win multiple titles and go down as a sure fire top 10 player of all time.

Get it straight. You don't have to overvalue a player in the moment to prove you like them.

Lebron has simply not done enough yet to rank him higher than some of the players mentioned in this thread....and we all can't just collectively agree to ignore the biggest collapse of a star player in the history of the NBA in the 11 Finals.

Does that really not matter to anyone? Think about that for a few minutes please.

You want to be able to say that he's clearly better than Duncan...ok. Could you imagine Duncan ever losing a series to the 11 Mavs with Wade and Bosh at his side with those role players? It's a ****ing joke. Would never happen.

So, like I said, Lebron has a long way to go in order to produce enough results to somewhat erase that.

And don't count your chickens before they hatch. You Lebron/Heat fans did the same thing in did that turn out?

You do realize that Lebron is one more poor series and a loss in the playoffs away from having a terrible playoff legacy in his prime. Again..this stuff is very fragile.
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