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Default Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Discussion

Originally Posted by UConnCeltics
Well GOBB, its safe to say we experienced every reason to hate COD today.

Absolutely terrible. First our teammates play Domination like its idiots. If its not the idiot trying to snipe going 5-14 with 0 caps both rounds? Its idiots who camp doorways and have the reaction time of a turtle. Then the other team are a bunch of clowns going prone with LMGs just holding down on the trigger. And it was like 3 of them that did this in certain areas where they just sprayed hardcore.

Me and you the only ones attempting to capture B and our teammates are clueless. Shyt pisses me off like no other. I can see having a bad game, it happens. But when I sit back and watch you hide in the garage on nuketown with dual pistols as if someone is going to walk when when they have B and are just using LMGs and spraying? You're a piece of shyt.

Those guys we lost too werent even good as us. Not even close. 2 people cant carry a team of 4 retards vs a team of Kerry Rhodes. I had to eject that last game because the one guy kept sprinting with pistols into their fire. Almost as if he enjoyed it. Thats why the guy got a chopper and vstat. Feeding on those bums.

COD needs to make a game mode or two for snipers. Tired of them
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