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Default Re: What Does Melo Need To Do To Be Top 50 All Time

Originally Posted by Sarcastic
Yes, some of those guys stats are somewhat inflated by fast paced offenses.

But none of them ran offenses like Doug Moe. In his offense, it was basically pass pass shoot. No matter who was in front of you, just shoot. Even if it's a bad shot. Just shoot.

And he put up 3 1/2 to 5 + assists a game with all that shooting.

47. Dominique Wilkins
48. Bill Walton
49. Steve Nash
50. Dennis Rodman

Thats how i look at it, you may change the order at your liking but those definitely are the 50 best. Guess i couldnt find a place for Dantley, English afterall.

Dominique is comparable to the others. He just had more hype like Carmelo.
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