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Default Re: What Does Melo Need To Do To Be Top 50 All Time

Originally Posted by Sarcastic
Melo is already a better player than Alex English, and will have much better playoff runs in his future. He's only 28, and 7 months older than Lebron. He's got a lot of time left. Alex English started making the playoffs consistently at 28.

Imagine if you made this thread about Paul Pierce when he was 28. It would be an epic bump with people calling him a career loser at that time.

Dude...I barely remember Alex english in his prime. I suspect you dont. Especially since it seems the first thing you did was go to basketball reference and notice his age to the left.

What do you really know about him to base the opinion that hes worse than melo on?

I dont care that you think it. Not like one is 3 levels up from the other.

I just want you to tell me something about basketball that makes you believe it.
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