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Default Re: What Does Melo Need To Do To Be Top 50 All Time

Originally Posted by Sarcastic
Those guys didn't carry their teams to the playoffs every year of their careers. They were on constant losing teams. Melo has been to the playoffs every year of his career.

He carried them every year? Only 6 teams used to make the playoffs. Dantley started the Jazz playoff run as soon as they put a bit of talent around him. Certainly not one of the highest payrolls in the league as Carmelo has around him currently.

What if Anthony wins a championship or/plus a mvp award someday, then won't it put him above these players that you mentioned and into the Top-50? It's too early to write him off.

It's not too early!

Nique didnt make it.

And he is the best comparison. Highly overrated high scoring small forward with lots of hype.
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