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Default Re: Any Experience with Elbow Injuries?

Originally Posted by 9512
lol yea...American doctors sometimes feel like car salesmen.

Could the pain be from you possibly over extending at your elbow (almost locking it) when you shoot and follow through?

The off hand shooting thing...I would recommend it...just because it's fun (the pros do it too). heck try to brush your teeth with your off hand, jerk off (there I said it lol), and even write.

Anyways good luck with your elbow...
Thanks man. And again, I think you're right. It definitely feels like an over-extension situation, which would probably explain why I can do normal thing (even bench press and pull ups) with zero pain. I'd guess when I shoot or throw, there's that brief snap of over-extension that creates the issue. I'm just not entirely sure what to do about it.

And I have indeed gone the lefty route before, but never completely at the expense of my righty shot. If my arm gets to the point where I have no choice but to go left, I'm guessing that'd be about the time I'd have to see a doc.
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