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Default Re: Brooklyn Nets 2012-2013 Post Game Thread

Game two was extremely frustrating. The regular season is one thing, the playoffs is not where you can say "oh, we had another terrible third quarter". The Nets cannot freaking have an 11 point third quarter. This is honestly why PJ needs to be fired. After the Nets had a terrible offensive first half, he made no adjustments during half time and the Nets had an even worse third quarter. He keeps running the same P&R combo with deron and brook and the bulls know how to defend that. run a deron and joe or joe and brook p&r and give the bulls different looks. at one point of the game, for more than five minutes, the nets had five bench players on the floor. hello! we are trying to ****ing win a playoff game. why are there five bench players on the floor at the same damn time? cj needs more playing time and stack and bogans should not get any. the nets threw one game away and in the playoffs, you never want to say that. now game three is a must-win.
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