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Default Re: Any Experience with Elbow Injuries?

Originally Posted by Rake2204
I've had an issue with what feels to be a ligament stretching from my triceps to my elbow bone. My elbow is almost entirely pain free except for when I snap my arm during a jump shot. However, with jump shooting being a pretty important aspect of my game, pain only when I shoot is kind of a big deal.

Has anyone ever experienced elbow issues? If so, were there any at-home remedies you subscribed to that helped limit, reduce, or eliminate your pain? Since my pain only occurs when snapping (shooting, throwing) and not during any other part of life (can still lift weights) I'm reluctant to spend a significant amount of money on a doctor's visit at this point.

Would massaging the area help? Sometimes it seems the pain can subside once I shoot a lot, but I can't tell if that's my arm loosening up or me altering my shot so as not to elicit pain (or both).

Are you from the US?

I am so glad I live in France. If I was you, it would be a non issue I would've gone to the doc.

Also have you considered shooting with your off hand? Not joking. You can rest your hurt elbow but still benefit from practice by shooting with your other hand because of the bilateral transfer (neurological adaptation) will improve the strong (in this case hurt) hand.

But really see a doc. Even if it cost money. It's your health and losing some $$ will be worth it.
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