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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by RapsFan
I wil read a lot of fantasy chats etc with 'experts' and there are always veto questions. In every case their answer is the trade should be vetoed unless there is cheating. It will entirely take away from what Zan said (simply beating another guy in a deal).

Why do I need to have a say if a deal that Toni and kmart discuss?

The league would have a battle each trade, almost all vetoed and probably be super boring.

If we implement the other changes, things would be better. 3 keepers means obviously one less. So if you are getting killed on a deal but are selling it because it 'keeper based', the keeper you get should be better then your current keepers otherwise you shouldn't do the deal. Most importantly, if we put the bottom 3 GMs on the chopping block, you better stay competetive and not do as many firesale deals.

I don't care if that's what people want to do. I never want to participate in a league with veto's because it's amateur hour but we can try it. But I think rule changes proposed will remedy a lot of our minor issues and it boils down to me at least, I should have no say in other people's business. Just get better at making deals!

Your right on all counts, except - "all trades will be vetoed". Not true at all, like I said only the most lopsided trades will be discussed and obviously 'cheating' or dishonesty will be looked at. Any other trades should go threw without any problem. (even if one manager is getting the better of the other)

Like you said, one less keeper will remedy this problem as well. So this whole 'veto rule' will be rarely, (hopefully never) be used during the season. It's just there to make sure the league stays competitive, and nobody pisses the whole league down the drain with one bone head move.

You say that having veto's is amateur hour, but some of the trades are even more amateur hour. Which is what makes the rule even more important.

This rule is NOT to be abused but saved for the worst of the worst situations.
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