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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by Chamberlain
If we're worried about not getting enough votes for the vetoes, we could just leave the vote open for 24 hours and majority wins? In that case, PM's could be sent to everyone in the league to give them a heads up that there is a veto vote, and then whoever shows up can vote. Just throwing another idea out there.
Now here's a guy who's thinking!

I think it could work. Only the most lopsided trades should be discussed. Keeper value should also be taken into consideration. And in rare cases, 'intent' should also be considered.

I think with most trades one owner ultimately always wins over the other (completely even trades are few and far between). We have to use our discretion on which trades we think are 'veto worthy'. Reason being, I don't want to take the 'I just robbed your ass' factor out of doing trades. Crafty clever managers should still be rewarded.
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