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Default Re: Will Sarver save our souls and sell the Suns to someone?

"Congratulations, Robert Sarver: Now that we're finally jettisoning the Maloofs, you're the new worst NBA owner alive! Well done, my friend! Your team has the league's best training staff and the league's worst everything else. Just sell already. You'll get big bucks. Probably north of $600 million. You know what sucks about professional sports? Guys like Frank McCourt and Sarver can stumble into a valuable franchise, screw fans over for years and years, then sell for a colossal profit and prevail in the end. What a shame. That's a terrific basketball city and Phoenix deserves better." - Bill Simmons via Keith Higgins.

saw this on the, "Robert Sarver, stop destroying the Phoenix Suns's" FB status the other day.
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