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Default Re: San Antonio Spurs: For Old Time Sake | 2k13 Association

R.C. Buford Press Conference Highlights:

Q: Why trade away so many players and risk this much when you've got a 40 win team halfway through the season?

A: Well first I'd like to say that bringing in Jerebko and Monroe isn't all that much of a risk in my eyes, otherwise the deal never would have gone through. I mean you're looking at an all-star in his third year and a guy whose shown great strides of improvement in his game despite reduced minutes this year. Then in regards to changing things up when we're a 40 win team already, yes I see that criticism and that's something I went back and forth with when this deal was on the table. However as an organization we need to look forward and recognize that this year maybe we became a conference finalist down from a finalist, but next year we're champions due to the deal. I don't see it exactly like that and I think we'll still be on top this year regardless of moving pieces.

Q: Most people thought that if Monroe was going anywhere it'd be Cleveland, based on the prevalent talk around the league. Obviously that didn't happen and rumors made it seem like Monroe chose San Antonio over the other teams personally. Why do you think that was?

A: I'd like to think that Greg chose San Antonio because we have been a consistently winning team for well over a decade and all the pieces, et cetera. However much that played in to it I also know that him and Tony Parker really hit it off well at the All-Star game and Tony was all about Greg as a person and as a player. So that relationship was key in this deal, for sure.

Q: Is this deal still worth it if in 2014 Monroe becomes a free agent and heads somewhere new?

A: That's not exactly how I see things playing out in my mind but if he gives us all-star caliber basketball for this year and next, not to mention helps us do serious damage in the playoffs, I'd still say it's worth it if he left in 2014.
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