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Default Official Gamecast: Lakers @ Spurs, 4/21/2013, 3:30 EST

Well, the Lakers are in the playoffs as the 7th seed. Looking back at my predictions a few weeks ago, I thought the Lakers would go 5-3 in their last 8 games, and they did so much better, going 7-1, beating other playoff teams left and right to get in. The playoffs were always there for them, the only question was could they play with the effort and heart needed to actually make it.

Now they face the Spurs in round 1. They have some injuries, like us, to Manu and Parker (Manu will likely miss the first round I think) and they recently waived Stephen Jackson and signed Tracy McGrady.

Meanwhile, the Lakers....what? You don't know what's going on with your own team? Well shame on you then. But I'll explain things anyway. Kobe's out for 6-9 months with his achilles rupture, Nash could possibly be back for some playoff action, but last I checked the doctors were still unsure.

First game is on Sunday, at 3:30 EST.

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